Are You Looking for Getaway?

From A Quaint Little House on The Beach to A Fully Modern Cabin In The Woods
Our Team Of Highly Trained Professionals Will Help You Find The Serenity You Desire!
Looking to Retire And Downsize Your Home?
Here At Wayne Frier We Can Set You up In a Cozy Little Home For Two,
At Prices That Will Still Let You Have A Stylish Retired Life!

About Us

Wayne Frier Homes of Tallahassee helps families and individuals find their dream homes. When customers come to us, we act as the realtor, banker, and builder all in one. Unlike other companies in the area, we don’t just provide modular homes. We help homeowners find the land, select the home that best suits their needs, help obtain financing, and then aid in customizing the home to make it livable. We can help make the home handicap accessible, provide a carport or shed, and so much more.